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Log Buying and Selling

We buy and sell truckloads of logs in the New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, and Maryland areas, currently oak, locust, and sometimes tulip poplar.

Creveling Sawmill has been around for many years and has been involved in both milling and logging. Currently, we primarily focus on the sawmill, with buying done mostly with logs brought to the mill. Standing timber is a secondary endeavor, but we are willing to discuss both internal and external projects. Most of the logs are purchased from loggers, tree removal specialists, and private homeowners. We currently purchase Oak, Locust, and sometimes Tulip Poplar, but it has to be in truckload form. We are unable to buy one or two trees, as we would need 10 or 12 trees (20-30 logs) to make it viable. The cost of transportation is one of the major costs in this business, and although we would like to be able to purchase all the logs available out there, we are limited by cost. In some instances, we will pick up trees/logs without buying them, but there needs to be enough to make a truckload. In most cases this is for "farmland management" to which we will give a certificate of value upon pickup, but will not pay the owner for the logs.

All logs need to be placed in a pile for consideration. We subcontract our log haulers, and they require logs to be within reach of the log loader on the truck. They may be willing to move one or two times, but they will not move many times to pick up logs scattered around a property. These are nice guys, but time is money and they can't spend too much time at one site.

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