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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Wood and Lumber

Questions and answers about wood, lumber, and our sawmill products serving New Jersey and surrounding areas

What is Dimensional Lumber?

Dimensional lumber is lumber that has full dimensions. So if you specify 2"x4", each dimension is "full"; it is actually 2" by 4" within the accuracy of the mill. This differs from the product you get at most lumber distributors, where their 2"x4" is typically 1-1/2" x 3-1/2".

Do you have a kiln for drying?

No, we do not. We took our kiln out over 30 years ago.

Do you have a planer, and can we have you plane my wood?

Yes, we have a planer, but we do not plane wood from anywhere else than our own sawmill due to the potential to hit foreign material, which ends up being a costly experience for us.

I have one or two trees in my yard; are you interested in buying?

Unfortunately, the cost of transportation is higher than the value of the tree, so we would not be interested.

I have five or six trees in my yard; are you interested in buying?

It may depend on the size and species of the trees. Typically, we would not be interested unless they are free for pickup, but that's not guaranteed.

I have a walnut tree. How much is it worth and do you want to buy it?

Walnut is a commodity, so yes, it is worth something. Typically, the cost of transportation far outweighs the value of the log. If you try to sell a walnut log, people will ask you if it is a "yard" log, and if you say yes, the conversation is over. We have had multitudes of people say there was not metal or foreign objects in the tree, but there was. It is always costly for a sawmill in damage and downtime when that happens, so typically we would not be interested.

I had a tree company cut trees from my yard; would you be interested?

Not typically, as two factors go against you. The first is that they are yard trees that (more times than not) have metal or other foreign objects that can damage our mill. We once had someone promise there was no metal in a tree, as he had lived there his whole life. We ended up hitting a horse rasp which almost killed the operators, and took out a $5000 blade on the mill.

I have 2-9 acres; would you be interested in logging my property?

At 2-9 acres we would not be interested. The cost of moving equipment and logging the property is usually cost-prohibitive. We do have some loggers we deal with that may be willing to cut the timber, but due to the costs involved, we would not pay for the timber.

I have 10+ acres; would you be interested in logging my property?

This is where there is a potential to be paid for your trees. It all depends on the species, access, permits, etc. I've seen 10-acre properties worth all the expenses in logging, but most are not.

I have a couple of logs; will you take them?

Maybe, but if they have blue stain (an indication of metal), then no. Sometimes we will take in logs at no cost, depending on the species.

I have a tree company; would you purchase my logs?

Maybe. In order for us to buy logs from a tree company, their workers need to be educated in what to look for, how to prepare the logs, and how to differentiate species. We are always willing to discuss this opportunity, but need to be assured we are buying good sawlogs, not logs that could hurt our people or damage our equipment.

What type of firewood do you have, and do you deliver?

We have split and slab wood firewood. We only deliver locally within 20 miles of the mill.

Does your sawdust have walnut in it, and is it good for horses or other animals?

Our sawdust DOES NOT HAVE WALNUT in it, and is safe for horses and other animals.

Do you have a mantel piece of a certain size, species, shape?

We carry a large variety of mantels in our showroom. They have a variety of sizes, shapes and species. We are one of the few NJ and eastern PA facilities that has cured mantels ready for installation. Don't be fooled by someone selling a mantel. It takes a minimum of 1" of thickness per year to dry a mantel, so a 3" mantel takes three years to dry. Most operators do not have this patience, and you will get what you pay for.

Do you carry Slabs or Fletch?

Yes, we carry both slabs and fletch, primarily oak, but we have multiple species in inventory. Our stock is typically 1" to 3", and come in multiple lengths. Most will have a natural edge and our customers have used them for a variety of applications, such as bar tops and tables.

Why are hardwoods more expensive than what I can buy at Home Depot or Lowe's?

The short answer is that you get what you pay for. The longer answer is that the big box stores provide SPF (Spruce, Pine, Fir) for building materials. They also provide pressure treatment to improve the longevity of a softwood. Hardwoods are what the name implies. Hardwoods are typically stronger (although some softwoods are similar to soft-hardwoods). They also last longer, and some, like Locust, can last over 50 years in an outdoor environment also exposed to ground contact (i.e., fence posts). Hardwoods also do not have any chemical additives, such as pressure treatment. Hardwoods are the premium to softwoods, kind of like comparing a Yugo to a Mercedes; it is unreasonable to compare the two. We could go on for hours explaining, but will be happy to discuss your project!

Do you have rustic wood for accent walls or renovations?

Yes, we have a variety of different woods for accent walls and/or renovations, including rustic and distressed wood. We have thinner material that works well on accent walls, but also have the materials and capability to support any renovation you have in mind.

Do you provide wood and lumber for historic renovations?

Yes, we have provided wood to local, county, and multiple state(s) for their renovation projects. Some of these projects have been simple, such as beams and planks, and others have required S-GRN material for applications such as rebuilding canal locks. Our wood is in quite a few historic sites around our local area.