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Rustic and Distressed Wood

We provide rustic and distressed wood for a unique look, for customers in New Jersey and surrounding areas.

Are you looking for something unique? You have come to the right place. We provide unique wood and lumber with the POP you're looking for. We provide rustic and distressed materials, which are not showy by themselves, but provide quite a lot of contrast to the modern. We have wood that is grey, and many shades in between. Our products have been used in exclusive restaurants in NYC as well as local and suburban homes throughout the area. We provide something different, and if people use it the right way, it is cutting edge.

Something most people do not realize is that wood is unique. It grows on its own hill, property, and according to its own terms. It is very special in many ways and can show you its intricacies when you try to build with it. We only "partner" with wood; we do not control it. Based on its history (all wood has history), wood can make a project succeed or fail. If you push wood to do what you want/expect it to do, it will prove you wrong.

Whether you are creating an accent wall or other rustic detail, we have a variety of materials to suit your application. The possibilities are endless. Some of our customers mix and match different materials while others want to keep it consistent. We have old "new" stock that has greyed up over time to give it an old-world finish. Customers often believe the only way to duplicate this vision is to search for old barnwood. Our rustic wood has been treated by an outdoor environment, but has not been used previously.

There is also another option to age fresh cut wood into a weathered appearance. This method uses steel wool and vinegar to create a solution to activate the surface of the wood. This gives the user control over the final finish by selecting the cure time of the solution as well as the number of applications used. We have even had customers create box beams out of new wood and use the process to age the final product. There are a number of websites that instruct one on how to make and apply the solution. Here is a link on steel wool/vinegar application to various woods to give you an idea of the potential.

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