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Sawmill Slab Wood and Firewood

We provide slab wood in New Jersey and surrounding areas. Slab wood can be used both as firewood as well as crafts.

Firewood comes in many forms and sizes. Being a hardwood sawmill, our slab wood/firewood is primarily made of hardwood. Our split firewood comes from the end cuts off our logs, and some off species hardwood that is not suitable for sawing into lumber. These rounds are cut anywhere from 16" to 21", so the split has this variation in length. Sometimes we will take an order for a "not to exceed" a specified length, but it is costly to prepare, sort and stack the firewood, so the end-user cost reflects the additional time.

Slab wood is the side cuts and trimmings off the sawmill. They are typically smaller pieces with 'flat' sides which have some burning advantages. Slab wood is both easy to use as split wood, and as firewood has similar burning properties, but slab wood can also be used for crafts. And unlike split firewood, slab wood can be stacked in multiple configurations to control the burn. It can be tight stacked due to the flat sides, so it would burn from the outside for a long term, lower temperature fire. It can also be thrown in in a Pixy Stix style so air can flow through it and create a hotter, shorter lasting fire.

One question we always get is if the slab wood is primarily bark. It is not. Some of the slab wood will have bark on it, but the majority is dimensional hardwood that has some bark trim.

We sell slab wood in three ways:

  1. cut to size and delivered locally,
  2. in metal baskets which vary in size but are around 4'W x 2'H x 7/8'L,
  3. in bundles, which vary in size both in circumference and length

The delivered slab wood is dropped into our dump trailer off a conveyor which has 4' high sides, and is approximately 7' wide and 12' long. We do not guarantee the volume, but estimate it to be around two cord equivalents of firewood.

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