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Wood for Board and Batten, Wavy Edge, and Clapboard Siding

We provide wood and lumber for siding materials in New Jersey and surrounding areas, including board and batten, clapboard siding, and wave edge (Adirondack) materials.

One way to finish a remodeling project is with siding. We typically sell wood siding in oak, tulip poplar, or pine. The US Forest Service did an evaluation of hardwood siding performance and identified Tulip Poplar as the best performer.

We offer three types of wood siding materials:

Wood for Board and Batten Siding

Board and batten siding is siding where the boards are vertical and the gaps between boards are covered by battens. Board width can be random, or for a more consistent look, one can go with the same width on all boards (8", 10", 12"). The price typically goes up from random through the increasing widths of the boards, with 12" wide being the most expensive for similar lengths.

Board and batten siding can be made from any wood species, typically poplar or pine, but sometimes oak as well. Typical widths range from 6" to 12", and can range in length up to 20' (depending on if we have logs in stock at the time).

Wood for Clapboard/Lap Siding

Clapboard/Lap siding has been used for hundreds of years. It is typically ordered by width and exposure. The width is the actual width of the boards used, and the exposure is how much is seen when it is put up. For a more completed look, the boards can be planed to give a smoother surface, which is easier for the application of stain or paint.

Our clapboard siding is not tapered; it is a consistent thickness. It can be cut to a thickness of ½", ¾", or a full 1" thickness. The width can vary as well, and will depend on your exposed board preference.

Wood for Wavy Edge/Natural Edge Siding

Our Wavy Edge siding goes on like clapboard siding, where one board overlays the next and is installed horizontally. This can be manufactured in a thickness of ½", ¾", or a full 1". Widths are determined by exposure, and typically are 8" to 12" wide. It should be noted that due to the natural variation of the edge of the board, this is only an estimate and the final product will have variation.

Wavy Edge/ Adirondack/ Natural Edge Siding is subject to the logs we have in stock at any given time. The amount of contour varies between logs and between species.

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