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Wood for Old Home, Barn, Historic, Ship, and Unique Renovations

We provide wood and lumber for old homes, barns, ship materials, historic restoration, and unique renovations, in New Jersey and surrounding areas.

We have experience in the old-world craftsmanship and wood materials needed to complete your project. We make true dimensional hardwood that is a replacement for your historical project. The trees we use for our materials are all domestic, and meet the specification of rigorous historic applications. We have experience in both large- and small-scale projects, from barns to corn bins. We have even done some unique historical renovations over the years, and look forward to many more.

Many of these projects have specific requirements, many of which other lumber mills are unwilling to tackle. Whether it's many small pieces, or a bunch of odd shaped materials, we are always willing to try our best to meet your needs. If you can provide pictures, specifications and sizes, we will do our best to make your project happen. We can't always guarantee a timely solution, but we usually can provide a solution that works.

We have been involved in rebuilds that are both common and extraordinary. We have provided wood and lumber in many forms for restorations, as unique as historic applications of ship materials to rebuilding of time period floating relics. Many of our customers are true craftspeople who have requirements for a specific job and/or purpose. Some require dry material, some fresh cut, and clear white oak that can go through the process of steam bending. At minimum, we can get to know your project and get the word out for the specifications you require.

In the older days, there were plenty of craftsmen to complete a project. Now there are not as many, and they are much less available. Today, many people do not realize what a tradesman is. In my definition, it is someone who knows what they are doing, whether it be a carpenter or someone with computer expertise. In this field of wood working, there are few true craftsmen left. We have worked with many, some more rigorous than the others, but project specific. That is our goal, to provide materials that meet the needs of a craftsman.

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