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Wood for Horse and Farm Products

We have a variety of wood and lumber for farms in the New Jersey area, including wood for horse fencing, animal bedding (sawdust and shavings), and enclosures.

We have also provided materials for full barns, which include the structural beams, floor boards, and siding. Our animal bedding DOES NOT INCLUDE WALNUT; any walnut that we process is done on another sawmill where it cannot be cross-contaminated with our animal bedding. Our fencing is typically made of oak, but may include other hard-hardwoods.

Please note that there is NO SORTING at our facility. We do not pull out the grade lumber from the lower value fence board. You get what you get and it is pulled from the top. We had people coming in the yard and selecting the premium grade out of the pile and leaving a mess. We are sorry that we had to implement this process, but we want to be fair for everyone. But we are not unreasonable, so if you buy 50 boards and you do not like 1 or 2, we will be fair. Just don't expect to go through the pile and pull out all the grade boards for a fence board price.

We're here to work you through the process and want to see your vision come to life. Just give us a call! We're responsive, and if we are unable to provide what you need, we will do our best to make your dreams a reality.

These are our most common horse and farm products:

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