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Hardwood Chocks, Wedges, Ramps, and Blocking

Creveling Sawmill can provide wood for a variety of wedges, ramps, and chocks in the New Jersey area.

Wood wedges, ramps and chocks can be used to load equipment on to trailers, mount T-braces on telephone poles, and other specialty applications.

We can manufacture most sizes in a variety of species. If you have an idea, just send us a sketch and we will get back to you with feasibility and/or quote.

We have done blocking for equipment maintenance and repair, as well as blocking for house and barn support and lifting. Our blocks can range from 2"x4" up to 12"x12", with many sizes in-between. We can even do larger blocking if we have the logs at the time to produce.

Hardwood wedges are typically used in the electric, telephone, and cable industries to set support equipment on poles. These wedges vary in size, and we can give a price on size and quantity as needed.

Hardwood ramps for loading equipment were very common years ago. They have the advantage over steel wedges as machines can grip the rough sawn surface while loading. They are typically used for side loading excavators and other track machines, but work just as well for rubber tired equipment.

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Call us at 908-689-6365, or email us, to find out more about our hardwood chocks, wedges, ramps, and blocking in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, and Maryland areas.

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