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Wood for Fireplace Mantels

Our wood for fireplace mantels for our customers in New Jersey and surrounding areas come in a variety of sizes.

We have a variety of mantels, from inexpensive to what people consider very expensive. There is quite a bit of work in preparation and storage, so that's where the cost starts to accumulate. There are a number of different wood species as well as sizes to consider. We receive quite a few calls about one idea, and when they see our selection, they choose something quite different. We can also custom cut a preferred option, but it will probably be a less desirable cure to the product.

Our fireplace mantels typically range in thickness from 2" to 5", but we do have some thicker selections. Widths can range from 6" wide through 12" wide, with a few wider selections. Most mantels will be an average of 8' and are sold by the piece. Each mantel can be squared up, but many have a natural edge. The front edge of the mantel is what people primarily see. Many of our customers come in with the idea that they want square edges, but after seeing our Wavy Edge/Natural Edge products, most are sold on the uniqueness of the natural edge.


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