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Wood for Landscape and Survey Products

We sell wood and lumber for landscaping in New Jersey and surrounding areas, including stakes, planters, garden beds, retaining walls, and more.

Wood for Tree Stakes

Tree stakes and retaining wall options come in many forms, and our stakes are of premium quality. Our tree stakes are pencil-pointed, which are much different from those provided by big box stores. The pencil points drive centered through the soil, which keeps them relatively straight. The "other" style is to cross cut the material where the point is on one side. Try both and you will notice the difference. We have tree stakes 1-3/4" to 2" square in 6' to 8' lengths that are used for seedlings and survey. See more details on our stakes page.

Wood for Planters

We can provide materials for various projects such as flow gardens and vine development.

Wood for Organic Raised Garden Beds

We have natural materials that do not contain preservatives. Our products are more expensive, but also have a better longevity. For ground contact, hardwoods such as White Oak and Black Locust have no comparison. See more details on our garden beds page.

Wood for Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are used for a number of purposes, some for strength, and some for longevity. Retaining walls come in construction and homeowner grades. Construction is expected to last a relatively short period of time while a homeowner grade comes in a number of options. The best option is locust, but it is extremely expensive and will only be done once. The second option is white oak which lasts much longer than wood from big box stores, but is also more expensive. For temporary (and/or construction), the least expensive wood is natural poplar or pine. This will only last a couple of years. The third is a hardwood option of regular oak, which is somewhere in-between. Cost is always an issue, but meeting the requirements of your project is the most important idea we need to consider. Please contact us for your application.

Wood for Lathe

Survey Lathe is available on request.

Wood for Tomato Stakes

We have standard stakes in various sizes and dimensions.

Contact Us About Our Wood and Lumber Products in New Jersey and Surrounding Tri-State Areas, for Landscaping and Survey Use

Call us at 908-689-6365, or email us, to find out more about our wood and lumber for landscaping and survey products in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, and Maryland areas.

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