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Wood for Stakes and Tree Support

We manufacture premium hard-hardwood stakes (primarily oak and ash) with a pencil point, for customers in New Jersey and surrounding areas.

The pencil point has a direct advantage over other points, as it drives straight and the species limits breakage common to stakes made of SPF.

Our stakes are specified as 2"x2" but have some variation. We stock lengths of 2', 4', 6', and 8', and our stakes are typically used for landscaping, trees, fencing, water runoff, silt fencing, fruit tree protection from animals, and deer fencing.

Our hardwood stakes are NOT pressure treated. They are a natural product that can be used for fruit trees, bushes, and areas in which your children and pets roam. They can be used for silt fences (i.e., construction fence), and for the beginning orchard containing fruit trees.

So, what makes our HARDWOOD stakes better than what you can buy at the big box stores? Our stakes are much stronger. So, if you use our stakes for runoff and silt fencing, when they are run over by a skid steer, they can be picked up and placed again, not thrown out. If they are used for landscaping, they will last a few years until the trees have grown higher than the deer can eat them. We can also provide stakes at a 10' or 12' for orchard or garden protection at a premium cost.

Our hardwood stakes sell themselves. Try a few and you will know the difference.

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