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Air-Dried Lumber

We prepare and sell air dried lumber in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, and Maryland areas, in a variety of wood species and sizes.

The sizes are typically broken into boards, planks, and slabs. Each is then dried by placing stickers between the product to allow air to flow around. The product is allowed to set for a period of time to dry and cure. We have our own process for determining when each board, plank, and slab is ready for sale.

What does "ready" mean? It means that the wood is suitable for projects and that we have done our best to minimize defects such as splitting, cracking, warping, and other defects. This is not to say one will not see any issues, because wood is a natural product that has internal stress, based on its species and where it was grown (such as on a hillside), where the tree would have tension and compression wood. These stresses come out in three ways:

  1. when the wood is first separated and turned into boards,
  2. when the wood is dried,
  3. when the wood goes through temperature extremes (winter and summer)

For this discussion, we are primarily interested in the drying and exposure to temperature extremes. Both of these help to stabilize the wood. Stability of the wood in our work is the minimization of cracking and warping due to moisture or temperature changes. Whether it be a building, a floor, or furniture, wood will seek its surrounding moisture content. Our philosophy has been that it WILL go to surrounding moisture, with the expectation that we have minimized internal stresses with our process.

We sell 1" boards, 2" planks, and slabs that range in thickness and sizes. They are used for accent walls, fireplace mantels, bar tops, tables, and any other wood products one can imagine. We specialize in natural edge wood products that can be used for shelves, siding, and tables.

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