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Rough Sawn Lumber

We provide rough sawn lumber (rough, textured wood) in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, and Maryland areas.

Many people do not know the difference between Rough Sawn Lumber and that which is available at the big box stores. Typically, the thought is that rough sawn lumber is somewhat inferior to what can be obtained at the box stores. The reality is that your typical rough sawn lumber is a superior product. We do not compete with the big box stores. We provide a niche, and something different. When the big box stores came into play decades ago, we changed, and we now provide everything they cannot offer. We offer real material that's full sized, stronger, and with longevity people have no idea is available today.

We provide old-world construction materials, and the heavy timbers of yester-year, to rebuild and build the next generation. Many of our orders are large timbers from 4"x12", 8"x8", and 12"x12" construction beams. These can vary in length from 8' to 20/22' on our mill. We have sister companies that can provide longer pieces, but the prices increase exponentially.

We provide heavy timbers that can do both bridge decking and trailer decking. These materials vary from 1-1/2" thick to 4" thick, and go from 8' long to 20/22' long. They are not only used in these applications, but are also used for shoring, canal, and support projects. These type of projects need to be discussed to detail the need of the application.

We are here, and believe our wood and lumber material is much better than what is available at the box stores, but one must be patient. We have to be open limited hours to keep the cost down, and you may have to wait, but you'll get a better product to have, or work with, in the end.

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