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Wood for Construction Applications

We provide wood and lumber for a variety of construction applications in New Jersey and surrounding areas, including timber frame, historic renovations, trailer decking, bridge decking, and much more.

If you are building a timber frame structure, bridge, or even a pigeon enclosure, we have the experience and resources to make your project a reality.

We have the capability to cut beams up to 24/25' in length, but are typically limited to 20/22' lengths due to our log suppliers. We do have partners that can produce beams over 30' in length, so we can offer this as an option as well. We typically offer three species: oak, poplar, and pine, but sometimes have alternate species such as locust, ash, or hickory in limited amounts. If you do not think you are capable of building a timber frame, take a look at CT Post and Beam, where you will find a novel solution to hiring a timber framing crew.

If you are not building a timber frame structure, we also provide smaller building elements such as siding, supports, and 2x4's through 2x12's, in lengths outlined above. Many times, these components are used in renovations of old houses and buildings as well as historic projects where one requires full dimensional lumber. What do I mean by full dimensional lumber? It is actually the full size, so if you order a 2"x4", that is what you get within the capabilities of the mill, not the 1-1/2" x 3-1/2" sold at the big box stores. Read more information about our dimensional lumber.

Wood for Timber Frame Construction

Timber frame construction can be anything from a small outbuilding using 4"x4" to barns using 8"x8" and above. We can provide the material for all this work, as well as complimentary components such as siding.

Wood for Renovation of Old and Historic Buildings and Structures

There's a lot to fixing up old structures. Whether you are repairing an old house you just bought or doing a total renovation of an historic structure, we can provide the wood and lumber you need for historic renovations.

Wood for Trailer Decking and Side/Bang Boards

Yes, we provide wood for trailer decking and side boards. Trailers and dump trucks get a lot of use. Decking and side boards can be replaced very often with the big box store options, or replaced with hardwoods which are intended for that type of use.

Wood for Bridge Decking, Shoring, and Wall

Heavy planking is used in a number of areas, from bridge decking to walls. These timbers can range from light construction 2" thick items to much heavier. We have done both. See more information on our bridge decking page.

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