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Wood for Shed, Barn, and Timber Frame Materials

We provide wood and lumber for sheds, barns and timber frame construction in New Jersey and surrounding areas.

Sheds, chicken coops, and barns come in many forms and sizes. We have provided wood for just a portion of a project (such as siding), as well as all the materials for a project, including beams and rafters. This can encompass using a variety of wood species for specific tasks, or a single species to keep the project consistent. If you decide on species specific tasks, you may want to consider Locust or White Oak for the ground contact members, and use less expensive oak, poplar, or pine for the rest. The options are endless, and if you have questions just email or call.

Many people ask, "How do I make a shed or coop?" I would make the ground contact pieces the highest priority, as they are the most likely to fail (locust/white oak). I would then figure out the construction for the project. This can be hardwood/softwood planks for the floor, and studs for the dividers and outside walls. This includes the size of the outside walls, whether 2"x4", 2"x6", or even 2"x8"; it is all dependent on your requirements, preferences, and zoning requirements.

In addition to structural, we provide siding and wall lumber to meet your construction needs. They can include rustic and fresh cut 1" material to cover siding and wall material. This can include rustic and distressed siding as well as fresh cut siding materials. It's all about the look you want, whether fresh cut, unique, or a distressed/rustic look.

This type of product goes from people starting out to people making a statement. We do our best to meet what you are looking for within what we have at the time. We have lumber that is stored outdoors that's worth as much as lumber stored indoors. Sometimes the price of the lumber is dependent on its location in the pile. We try our best to make products fair in price.

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