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Wood for Interior Design and Architecture

We provide wood and lumber products for architects, artists, and interior design professionals in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, and Maryland areas.

Now that you have a unique wood project, where can you source your custom wood products? Creveling Sawmill is here to help. We have worked with architects, artists, and interior design professionals to bring their inspirations to life. Whether you are looking for structural components or visual accents that pop, you have come to the right place.

The best way to start is to give you a sampling of what we have done, but keep in mind that we have much more experience and are always looking for a challenge. One of our areas of expertise is providing period specific materials for reconstruction and/or renovation. We have been involved in numerous Morris Canal reconstruction projects, Water Loo Village reconstruction projects (yes, we provided many of the beams from when the sawmill was rebuilt), and heritage sites throughout New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania. We have also supported the reconstruction of many older homes that used true dimensional hardwoods and softwoods, as well as associated barns and out-buildings.

So how do we support artists? Typically, we provide one-off fletch pieces, unique rounds, and slabs. A couple of examples are shown in the pictures, although we do not always get pictures of the final product, but we are always excited to see it! One example is a fletch which was made into a pressure, humidity and dewpoint sensor. Another is a hollow round that was carved out and made into part of a scene. Another was a book-matched set that looked like an angel. These are only a few examples, but we have a number of artists who give us open orders for specific hard-to-find wood such as clear white oak. We even have an artist who buys bundles of slab wood to make picture frames and accent pieces.

We also provide materials for the interior design of offices, retail, restaurant, and personal spaces. I'm always amazed at the new and innovative uses for our wood products. We had a designer who created a large retail space for an outdoor outfitter. It included D-logs for walls and sectioning, as well as planking for countertops, and some slabs for seating. A second worked to provide an interesting contrast for a restaurant. Creveling Sawmill wood was used to build the interior bar as well as meet exterior elements of siding and ceiling. We also provided wood for a bar created for a personal estate. The designer wanted something rustic, and the craftsman and designer came up with a unique solution. We have also provided lumber for cabin countertops and hardwood crates, to give you an idea of smaller items that can make an impact on your project.

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